LENDING & REAL ESTATE, a natural fit™

Nexgen HBM is full-service business development and technology company. We are thought leaders in the development of real estate search and lender-centric business technologies that pioneered the first consumer facing digital real estate marketplace.



The Nexgen HBM business development and real estate search technologies were designed to help lenders capture buyers prior to making a purchase decision and build their pipeline by working with top-performing agents.


Real Estate Agent

The HomeScout® real estate search platform revolutionized the industry with a national MLS platform that allows real estate agents to attract savvy homebuyers and prevents losing them to public search sites.



We introduce consumers to HomeScout,  the only nationwide search site with 100% MLS listings that provides them with a private, secure search experience and the most accurate real estate information.

Technology That Attracts Top Agents And Savvy Home Buyers

Discover how Nexgen HBM lender-centric, technology solutions can boost conversion rates by helping turn contacts into customers. Realize a significant ROI on infrastructure capitalization when you leverage industry-leading real estate search, CRM reporting and post-close technology platforms.


The next generation in the legendary Home Scouting family of technologies, HomeScout, gives consumers an immersive real estate search experience featuring 100% MLS listing data. 


The Sold Home Alert is an automated notification that goes out to customers once a month to let them know what homes and properties in their neighborhood have most recently sold for.

The Dash is a dynamic reporting interface that shows lenders and agents all of their buyer’s activities on HomeScout and predictive indicators to help improve conversion rates with timely communication.

Chris S., LO Manager

“HBM has been a fantastic investment for us. We saw a significant return on investment in the first year and have had similar results every year after.”

Andy H., Real Estate Agent

“The HBM business plan is extremely simple to implement and use. Getting customers to the app store and downloading the app is key."

April N., Real Estate Agent

“I am so glad we found HBM. Their business development and technology platforms helped me manage leads I was losing to public sites like Zillow.”

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