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Getting Started

  • Setting up my Account in HBM Dash

  • VIP Codes

  • Smartlinks

  • How to introduce Buyers to HomeScout

  • Introducing Agents

  • Managing a Pipeline of Buyers in HBM Dash

  • Working with Agents

  • Open House & Just Listed

  • Sold Home Alert - What is it / How does it work?

  • Uploading Contacts to Sold Home Alert

Question: Setting up my Account in HBM Dash

Answer: What is the difference between HomeScout and the Dash? HomeScout is the consumer app (and website -- www.homescout.com) that is used to search for real estate. The HBM Dash app (and website -- www.hbmdash.com) is the activity reporting platform for you to use in managing your HomeScout buyer pipeline.

  • Why can't I use the same username and password for both? Because the Dash and HomeScout are separate platforms, they require different login credentials.

  • How do I update my information (Name, Contact Info, etc.)? - Please email support@hbm2.com for assistance.

Click on "My Info".

Click on the pencil icon

Click Browse to find a photo you like 

Click on the photo

Use the controls to zoom in/out and pan left/right until you like the image

Click "Save"

You can also email your photo to photos@hbm2.com for our team to upload.  Please email your logo to photos@hbm2.com. 

VIP Codes

What is a VIP Code? A VIP code is your own exclusive code, usually your cell phone or first and last name, that links customers you introduce to HomeScout to you 

  • How is it used? VIP Codes are best used when engaged in a conversation with a customer. Tell him or her to download the HomeScout app and to enter your VIP Code when the app opens – to ensure you’ll be the one available in the app to assist them.

  • Note: You should have received your VIP code in your Welcome Email. But you can also find it in the HBM Dash under My Info / Share HomeScou


  • Does the Agent have their own unique VIP Code? Yes. They will find it on the My Info tab of their HBM Dash. You can also see (and share) the agent’s VIP Code by doing the following:

  1. Click on Relationship Management

  2. Click on Business Sources

  3. Click on the agent’s name.

  4. Under the Share HomeScout tab, you will see the agent’s VIP Code.


What is a Smart Link? – A Smart Link is a is a hyperlink that takes a customer to HomeScout and ensures you are the one branded inside of the experience when they are using it. (It has the VIP Code embedded in it!!)

  • Where can I find it? - You can find this in the HBM Dash under My Info / Share HomeScout.

  • How does it work? – From a computer, you can share the link in a canned email, text message (mobile only), or on Facebook. (To your Facebook page.) Last but not least, you can copy the link and use it in signature lines, other ads, or on other social media sites (e.g. Twitter or Instagram).


How to introduce Buyers to HomeScout

Share feature in HomeScout App

  1. Tap on the menu button at the bottom of the screen (circle with 3 dots)

  2. Tap “Share HomeScout”

  3. Select: Message, Email, or Facebook

Share feature in HomeScout website

  1. Navigate to www.homescout.com

  2. Click on My Stuff in the menu

  3. Click on Share HomeScout

  4. Choose to share via email or Facebook.

  5. OR copy the link to use elsewhere (signature lines, Instagram, etc.)

Share feature in HBM Dash App

  1. Tap on the menu button in the upper left (white lines)

  2. Tap “Share HomeScout” under the MY INFO section

  3. Tap the orange “Share HS” button next to the option that uses the requirements you prefer. (Registration Required upfront? Phone Required at Registration?)

  4. Choose how to share – Message, Email, Facebook or Copy Link to share it elsewhere (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Share feature in HBM Dash website

  1. Navigate to www.hbmdash.com

  2. Click on My Info

  3. Click on the orange “Share HomeScout” button next to the option that uses the requirements you prefer. (Registration Required upfront? Phone Required at Registration?)

  4. Choose how to share – Email, Facebook, or Copy Link to share it elsewhere (e.g. Signature Line, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Marketing Materials

Under Support / Resources you will find 2 sections for marketing materials:    Digital Marketing – Artwork, Social Media Copy, Posting Ads to Facebook, and Email Signatures  NOTE:  Requires you to use your smart-link with these images

  • Print Collateral for HomeScout and Sold Home Alert

  • B2C:  Postcards, Flyers, Displays, Business Cards – simply add your VIP Code and PRINT! 

  • 2B:  Flyers, Buyer Engagement Guide, Feature Guide, and more.

  • For Marketing Teams:  Brand Guides, Disclaimers, Graphics, etc.

Introducing Agents

How do I introduce an Agent to you (HBM2)?  Please email agentenrollment@hbm2.com with a copy of the agent’s business card and our customer service team will get them started for you./  Please make sure to include the agent’s name, cell phone number, office name, office address, and email address.

The Agent I introduced has activated their account, now what?  We recommend that you walk the agent through the HBM Dash and HomeScout explaining the features and benefits.  You and the agent also have access to training materials and webinars in the Support section of your Dash.


Managing a Pipeline of Buyers in HBM Dash

How do I see ALL of my buyers as a default? In the main menu under Customer Management select Dash. That will default to show you your entire pipeline. You can search for individual buyers and filter the buyers by clicking on the Filters option.


How do I know who to focus on and why?

Go to Customer Management / Dash

  1. Sort by Logged In / 24 hrs

  2. See if Buyers near the top of the list also requested a showing, saved a favorite, viewed a calculator, or viewed a property.

  3. If they have saved a favorite or a search, click on their name.

  4. Next click on the buttons under Total Stats:

  5. Saved Favorites

  6. Saved Searches

Go To Customer Management / Fish Bowl

  1. You can scroll to see who’s been active recently – and what they were doing.

  2. You can even filter by customer name, or by specific activities (logged in, viewed a property, saved a property, used calculator, and more!)

  3. Note the buyer’s recent activities and contact them regarding their activity. (See Buyer Engagement Guide for sample scripting.).

  4. You can contact them by clicking their name, then the Buyer Profile tab. There you will find their email address and phone number. Email, Call or Text them!

  • How can I remove or delete buyers? Please contact support@hbm2.com for assistance

Working with Agents

How do I get the Agent engaged? – Train them, explain the benefits, and share your personal successes using HomeScout and the Dash. Connect with them on a regular basis to review their buyers, answer any questions and see if there is anything that can be done to help them share HomeScout.

  • How do I link a buyer in HomeScout to an Agent? – Contact support@hbm2.com with the buyer’s and agent’s name and they will get the buyer linked to the agent.

  • How do I see which Agent is associated to a Buyer? – Inside the Dash, find the buyer and select the “Buyer Team” tab.

  • Why can't my buyer (who is associated with this agent) search Nationally? We are only able to advertise an agent where they are a dues-paying member of the MLS and as a result, the buyer can only search within the agent’s MLS.

  • How do I see only buyers working with a specific Agent? In the Dash

  1. Click Relationship Management

  2. Click Business Sources

  3. Click on the agent’s name.

  4. Click View Buyers Activity

  • How can I know which buyers to focus on and which ones the Agent should focus on? All buyers with activity should be focused on. It should be a collaborative conversation between both the LO and the agent. Using the Fishbowl and looking for trends in buyer activity is a good idea.

  • Why can't I move a buyer from one Agent to another? At this time it is not an option to move buyers to agents inside of the Dash. Contact support@hbm2.com for assistance.

  • Can the Agent remove or delete buyers? If so, how? This is not something the agent can do. Contact support@hbm2.com for assistance.

Open House & Just Listed

These are single-property websites that feature a printable flyer. They are automatically generated when an agent using HBM has a new listing or schedules an open house on one of their listings, provided we have the agent’s MLS ID in the system and the alerts are toggled on. 

  • How do I turn it on? Log in to www.hbmdash.com

  • Click on Relationship Management.

  • Click on Business Sources.

  • Click on the agent’s name

  • Click on Alerts and toggle them on

  • Why can't I turn it on? If you cannot toggle the switches then email support@hbm2.com with the agent’s MLS ID. The agent’s MLS ID is a series of numbers and letters that identify the agent’s listings within the MLS.

  • How do I create an Open House Kit on my own? – In HBM Dash go to Relationship Management and select Open House Kit and follow the steps.

  • How does the Agent create an Open House Kit on their own? Agents can follow the same steps as the loan officer. In HBM Dash go to Relationship Management then select Open House Kit and follow the steps

Sold Home Alert

SHA will look around the entered street address for properties that have sold within 90 days up to 20 mile

  • If nothing is found, then it will attempt to find properties from the past year and enter those instead

  • If the system needs to default back to a year the subject line of the email will change from “Here are the latest sold properties near you.” to “Check out this sold property in your market”


Uploading Contacts for Sold Home Alert

Uploading your contacts for Sold Home Alert is quick and easy, and a wonderful hands-off way to give them something of value each month and keep you top of mind. You’ll see the available fields below.  Those in bold are required. 

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • Email

  • CoBuyerFirstName

  • CoBuyerLastName

  • Address1

  • Address2

  • City

  • State

  • PostalCode

  • HomePhone

  • WorkPhone

  • CellPhone

Simply send your spreadsheet to us in .csv or .xls format and indicate who the LO is, and who the agent is, if applicable.  We will format the sheet and upload the contacts, including those fields available in our database.  Other fields will be skipped.    Your contacts will receive their first email the day of the upload and then monthly thereafter.