Go to your app store and download the HomeScout app

Use the VIP code that you received in your welcome email from Customer Service when prompted for access to the app - on your desktop or mobile device. Familiarize yourself with the HomeScout search features and become the app expert for your customers.

Property Detail Screen Features

  1. Share feature-Share listing via text, email or on Facebook

  2. Save as a Favorite property

  3. Request to Get Pre-Approved

  4. Schedule Showing online by contacting the loan officer or agent

  5. Compare Payments launches the mortgage calculator to view various payment scenarios

  6. Contact your real estate agent

  7. Contact your loan officer

    (And many more)


Share the app with current clients as well as friends and family - share an “app-a-day”

Sharing the app is not only critical to the success you will experience with HomeScout it’s easy. Share the app from inside the HomeScout app with your sphere of freinds, family and newer customers. Make it a goal to share the app with at least 15 - 20 people in the first several days with the app.


Monitor and support your buyers on HomeScout by logging into your HBM Dash buyer reporting interface

Once you have begun to share the HomeScout app with others:

  • Download the HBM Dash from your app store or go to the HBM Dash Login screen ( using the login credentials from your welcome email.

  • You will also want to download the HBM Dash mobile app on your smartphone and mobile devices, so you can monitor customers while on the move.

Dash_AppIcon_rounded_200px copy.png

When you login to the HBM Dash you will automatically be directed to the Quick List. The Quick List is the default screen for the HBM Dash that shows your buyer’s online activities and automatically ranks them based on their level of activity on the HomeScout app. This feature will save you time and resources, in addition to giving you the opportunity to more efficiently manage your pipeline and communicate and support your buyers when the time is right.