Who Attends: Loan Officers, all levels of management, lender leadership and lender marketing.

Take advantage of our eye opening Nexgen HBM EMT business development and technology training in Minneapolis, where you'll learn how to execute our game-changing strategies to separate yourself, and your business, from the competition.

Led by a team of experienced mortgage and real estate professionals, EMT is a 2 ½ day structured working event that provides hands-on learning that will introduce you to proven business strategies and state-of-the-art technologies designed to help build and grow your business. Attendees will have the opportunity to implement these strategies and activities right at the event, by enrolling buyers in HomeScout and setting meetings with new real estate agents and loan officer recruits.

EMT will set you up for success by teaching you how to position yourself in front of home buyers prior to making a purchase decision and keep them off public search sites where they can be lost to the competition. Hear directly from LOs, managers and real estate agents who have used the training and related technology platforms to successfully build and grow their business.

These events are structured for all audiences with breakout sessions and content that fits the needs of everyone in attendance. The curriculum has been designed so attendees can serve as a catalyst for training the business and technology platforms to colleagues when they return to their company or branch.

Join us at EMT so that we can show you how Nexgen HBM’s business plan and technology platforms can have an immediate impact your life!

EMT is currently only taking place in Minnesota.

HBM changed everything for us. Our pipeline grew, our production increased and we started having fun again.

-Jenny S & Kim V, Charlotte, NC

“HomeScout® and the Sold Home Alert® are real estate services provided directly to home buyers and sellers by HBM2, a national real estate brokerage services company”.