“This is not just a really cool app, this is my new business plan. EMT has made my life a lot better—it’s made my day at work a lot better. It’s not stressful, it’s not sales anymore, it’s service and it’s helping others” – Kelly T., Loan Officer
“After 12 years on the Nexgen HBM business plan, I attended my very first EMT. I’m coming away with way more than I came with just in terms of business lead generation ideas. EMT is a place where you can find people who are doing what you do and who challenge you to think outside of the box.” – Lori R., VP, Producing Manager
“EMT has changed my business, simply because it has allowed me to concentrate on the right information. When you first join HBM, there’s just so much cool stuff and EMT gets you on the right track.” – Michael M., Producing Branch Manager
“My arm was twisted to come here by my regional manager…I really didn’t think now was the right time to step away from my business. But after a day and a half of being in this environment, I have become convinced that HBM is what we need to use to counteract industry changes and forces.” – Bruce J., Producing Branch Manager
“EMT today is even more impactful and interactive and I believe you can walk away from this event ready to go out into the streets and apply the methodology to your business.”
– Angela P, VP Professional Development
“Since attending Nexgen HBM’s training three months ago, we’ve been able to use the tools and tips to capture over 12,000 customers using Sold Home Alert®. We’ve added over 579 new active buyers and we have already closed 23 additional contracts. I’ve personally earned over $40K in commission by working with just one of the agents I reached out to while we were at EMT. Our agents love us and we’re just getting started!” - Steve W., Loan Officer