Learn how to:

  • Put HomeScout® and the Sold Home Alert® to work for your customers

  • Remain relevant to your entire pipeline of buyers through the Dash

  • Capture and convert more of the leads, contacts and customers you talk to every day

  • Work effectively with real estate agents using the HBM platform

  • Integrate new efficiencies into your day-to-day business to free up valuable time

Loan Officers and Branch Managers

Foundational Courses - Level 1

LO 100: Growing Your Business (recorded 4/26/19)

The 'What and the Why' of Nexgen HBM for a Lender

Introduction and demo of the HBM business plan: Why it works to generate new business and protect your client database.

LO 101: The Power of One (recorded 4/30/19)

The Step by Step 'How to' of Nexgen HBM for a Lender

Create an efficient and attainable plan to consistently close more business each month.  Learn the HomeScout user experience and the features that help buyers learn the market, find the right home for them, and finance with you.  You can build a large and manageable pipeline of buyers with HomeScout and the Dash, and this is the session that gets it all started!

LO 101.1 Higher Conversion through Buyer Engagement for Loan Officers
(recorded 3/1/19)

How to Leverage the DASH and Buyer Activity for Success

Build upon the skills you learned in LO 101. Gain proficiency with introducing HomeScout, and help put the buyer in control of their home search. Use the right scripts and sales follow up to capture more buyers, gain their trust while they learn the market, and bring more buyers to the closing table.

Foundational Courses - Level 2

LO 102: The Power of Serving Mutual Customers
(recorded 2/13/19)

How to Model Match and Present to the Right Real Estate Agent

Do you want to close more business with your current group of agents? Do you need to meet and work with other agents?  Learn the critical problems agents must solve in order to close more business, and how HBM positions you as part of the solution. We’ll show you how to spend just 10 minutes presenting the opportunity, and how to follow a process that helps interested agents engage.

LO 104: Affinity Groups (recorded 08/15/18)

• Identify the benefits of working with affinity groups
• Create a plan to build relationships with affinity groups

Skill Builders

LO 103: How an Agent Onboards with HBM2
(recorded 5/9/19)

Help agents enroll with HBM2, and participate in their onboarding and training sessions for early success. Use an organized and efficient system for weekly check-in meetings that build lasting business relationships.

Open House and Just Listed™ (recorded 7/29/19)

• Use our two new platforms to drive immediate business
• Engage agents with these new platforms
• Implement best practices to drive success and improve sales efficiency

Double Your Database (recorded 08/15/18)

•  Learn how to leverage Sold Home Alert® to double your database

Cooperating Agents

AGT 100 and 101: Introduction “Maximizing Your Growth” (recorded 7/17/19)

The 'What and the Why' of Nexgen HBM for a Real Estate Agent

  • Identify their business opportunity

  • Learn how to compete against the industry disruptors

  • Recognize the potential of this business plan to grow and protect business

AGT 102: Accelerating 1: An App A Day® (recorded 5/15/19)

The Step by Step 'How to' of Nexgen HBM for a Real Estate Agent

  • Learn how to leverage HBM services & business development strategy

  • Use and explain HBM’s products and services with confidence

Higher Capture and Conversion Strategy for Real Estate Agents    (recorded 4/22/19)

How to Leverage the DASH and Buyer Activity for Success

This webinar demonstrates how Agents can achieve a higher capture and conversion rates while saving time, money and creating new efficiencies for your business.

During this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Learn why using the right scripts will lead to more leads and contacts within HomeScout®

  • Train your buyers how to use HomeScout’s technology which will keep the buyer in full control as they search 100% of all MLS listing data

  • Understand the importance of early introductions to a Loan Officer even though they might not be ready to buy

  • Use our intelligent reporting functionality for all HomeScout buyer activity. Identify your most active buyers and know where to focus your time

  • Leverage HomeScout buyer’s ability to generate warm referrals for you


“HomeScout® and the Sold Home Alert® are real estate services provided directly to home buyers and sellers by HBM2, a national real estate brokerage services company”.