Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. (HBM2) Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Our Commitment

Information about your home buying or selling needs, preferences, and activities will give HBM2 the ability to personalize your search criteria and display selected properties in your HomeScout® experience that match your preferences. We will share this information with the real estate agency and/or mortgage company, as well as their agents and/or loan officers, who may have introduced you to us. Also, if you request HBM2 to arrange a home showing for you or provide other additional assistance in your home buying efforts and you are not already under a binding representation agreement, HBM2 may recommend a real estate agent who is available to provide such assistance, and will share your information with that agent. Having this information will help these agents and/or loan officers be more responsive to your specific needs and preferences.

Nevertheless, we fully understand that it is essential to keep any information we collect from or about you safe and confidential. You may terminate our ability to share this information at any time by sending us an e-mail at support@hbm2.com. We will not share the personal information you provide to us or that we collect from monitoring your use of our experience with any third party except the above-referenced persons.

Security Practices Protect Your Information

We permit our employees and contractors to access your personal information only when the information is necessary for them to do their jobs. Our employees and contractors who have access to your information are required to protect it and keep it confidential. We use technology to keep your information and transactions private and secure. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your personal information.

The Information We Will Collect

The only information we will collect from you is:

  • Basic identification data such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Your stated preferences as to the characteristics, location and price range of properties in which you are interested.
  • Data about your use of the experience that we will use to verify the level of your interest and your preferences for transmittal to the real estate agency and/or mortgage company, as well as their agents and/or loan officers, who may have introduced you to us or who are working with you and HBM2 at the time the data is transmitted.

Sharing of information with Third Parties

We will share the information we collect only with:

  • The real estate agency and/or mortgage company, as well as their agents and/or loan officers, who may have referred you to us or who are working with you and HBM2 at the time the data is transmitted;
  • Our non-affiliated service providers such as technical systems consultants and programmers who agree to keep this customer information strictly confidential;
  • Other third parties only to comply with a subpoena or court order, to protect against potential or actual fraud, or to facilitate the work of our auditors.

Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. (HBM2) Homebuyer Terms Of Use

TERMS OF USE We acknowledge from your previous communication to us that you desire to initiate further communications with the loan officer, lender, real estate agent and HBM2 broker. Therefore, as you requested, the HomeScout® experience will display to you their contact information to facilitate such communication. You also acknowledge and agree that the HomeScout® experience may display to you the contact information of other trusted cooperating businesses to facilitate your ability to send communications to those businesses if you choose to do so. We at HBM2 sincerely hope you enjoy using the free real estate service we call HomeScout®.

Our Relationship Your acceptance of this "Terms of Use" imposes no financial obligation on you. By accepting this "Terms of Use," you agree you will only use the information you obtain from HBM2 for the purposes common with the sale or purchase of real property. You also agree to the further communications and uses of your information described above in "Our Commitment," "Communications," and "Sharing of Information with Third Parties." You also agree and acknowledge that acceptance of this "Privacy Policy and Terms of Use" does not create any fiduciary duty to you on the part of HBM2 and does not create any agency relationship between you and HBM2. HBM2 and its licensed broker agree and acknowledge that your acceptance of this "Privacy Policy and Terms of Use" creates a non-agency relationship between yourself and HBM2. In this relationship, you are the consumer and the HBM2 broker is the broker. This non-agency relationship only imposes on HBM2 and the obligations that HBM2 expressly assumes in this "Privacy Policy and Terms of Use," together with the obligations that the law imposes on a broker who is assisting a consumer in a non-agency relationship. If you have an exclusive representation agreement with any other real estate agent or broker, that agreement may prohibit you from receiving the type of real estate services that HBM2 provides through the HomeScout® experience unless you first obtain that agent or broker's permission. By accepting this "Privacy Policy and Terms of Use," you warrant and affirm that you are not in an exclusive representation agreement with another real estate agent or broker that prevents you from now agreeing to receive services from HBM2 and its broker.

Trade Secrets. For the purpose of this Terms of Use, “Trade Secrets” means any information which is proprietary to or owned by HBM2 relating to the HomeScout® experience, now existing or reasonably foreseeable, whether in a written, electronic, verbal, or other form, and includes, without limitation, the following: (a) all websites and/or mobile applications designed, created and developed by HBM2 or its affiliated companies, including all passwords, text, content, color schemes, images, graphics, information, look and feel, layout, methodology, metrics, graphical interfaces and functionality for each website; (b) information and materials comprising or relating to any current, future or proposed products or services; (c) analyses, factual evaluations and/or summaries of real estate listings, compilations, data bases, studies or other printed or electronic documents prepared by anyone in connection with the review or evaluation of any information developed by or pertaining to HBM2; (d) copyrights, patents, patents pending, electronic records, computer processes, computer systems, computer hardware configurations, software source codes and software owned, developed or acquired by HBM2; and (e) other information relating to HBM2 that is not commonly known to persons or other sources outside of HBM2, whether or not specifically marked or identified as “confidential” or “trade secret” by HBM2.

Limitations on Use of Trade Secrets You agree that you will not: (a) disclose, reveal, divulge, disseminate or deliver (collectively, “Disclose”) any Trade Secrets to any third party; (b) use, utilize, employ, lecture upon, publish, rewrite, reproduce or reverse engineer (collectively, “Use”) any Trade Secrets, for your benefit or for the benefit of any other person or entity; or (c) authorize or permit any third person or entity to Disclose or Use any Trade Secrets;

Miscellaneous. If you are found to be in violation of the terms of this Terms of Use, your access to this website may be temporarily or permanently disabled and you may be held liable for all expenses and damages, including court costs and attorneys’ fees, incurred by HBM2, or any of its Affiliated Companies, caused by your failure to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You must agree to the Terms of Use set forth herein before you can view listings that match your search criteria in your free HomeScout® experience. By accepting, you (1) agree to the Terms of Use set forth above and (2) authorize us to share the information collected with the real estate agent and/or loan officer who may have introduced you to us and with others as set forth in the Privacy Policy herein.