At Nexgen-HBM we are thought leaders in the development of real estate search and business development technologies that offers agents a dual-platform, lead and conversion system that helps build their business through buyer engagement and conversion. HBM pioneered HomeScout, the first-of-its-kind online real estate marketplace where consumers can find a home and get preapproved in a single platform; while providing real estate agents a buyer reporting interface to help monitor buyer activities throughout the entire home buying process.


The HomeScout real estate search app represents the next generation in the legendary family of Home Scouting real estate search technologies. Here consumers have access to 100% MLS listing data, the gold-standard as the most accurate real estate information available anywhere. Our position as a licensed real estate company give us access to unfiltered data from MLS markets from coast to coast and is updated thousands of times a week.


The HBM Dash is a real time buyer reporting interface that monitors and tracks all buyer activities on the HomeScout mobile and web search app. It provides real estate agents with critical business intelligence that let them know what their buyers are doing and when, and the best time to interact with them. One-touch communications makes it easy to reach out via text, email or voice call directly from the app.The Dash also helps agents set up detailed buyer profiles and helps keep them organized when dealing with large buyer pipelines and databases.