As a Real Estate Agent, you will complete the courses in this order:

AGT 100: Maximizing Your Growth

AGT 101: Onboarding with HBM2

AGT 102: Accelerating 1 -  An App A Day

AGT 103: Open House & Just Listed Alerts


Cooperating Agents

AGT 100: Maximizing Your Growth (recorded 05/31/18)

•  Define your business opportunity
•  Identify how current home buying trends affect your business
•  Learn how Nexgen’s business plan can grow/protect your business

AGT 101: Onboarding with HBM2 (recorded 05/10/18)

• Complete the Nexgen HBM set-up
• Explain the features of HomeScout
• Use HomeScout best practices to fill your funnel
• Provide targeted customer service to convert contacts to customers

AGT 102: Accelerating 1: An App A Day®
(recorded 05/31/18)

•  Learn how to leverage HBM services & business development strategy
•  Use and explain HBM’s products and services with confidence