My favorite thing about the Nexgen HBM Business Plan is really the ability to work with a lot of clients at one time because it limits the amount of work that you the agent has to do. It’s teaching the buyer how to go out and find their own properties and have fun with it. - Jessica P., Realtor
I wanted to share this story with you, I was in the field teaching the Fishbowl, part of the Dash and when I was teaching it I recognized one of the names popped up because I used my real estate pipeline for demonstration purposes. And the name that popped up I recognized him as one of my past clients from about four or five years ago. And he just showed up because he logged in and started searching so I thought that was kind of odd. So when I got done with the meeting I actually went and gave him a call, and I found out that he had some family stuff happen and he was looking to sell his house and downsize and buy another one. So therefore if I wouldn’t have had the availability in the Fishbowl, I wouldn’t have seen his name, there was a good chance I would have missed that transaction because he only logged in once and I was able to pick it up sooner. - Ken E., Realtor
So I help people understand that at HBM actually updates their system more often than most sites, most apps, and that it’s the most accurate place to go for information for the consumer. To gather information on the real estate market. - Suzy P., Realtor