The Nexgen HBM business model and technology platforms support agents by helping them solve for lost contacts and build a community of buyers and sellers for a consistent pipeline of business, converting 2-3 additional transactions every month.

Our real estate search and buyer reporting technologies bridge the communications void between customers and real estate professionals, creating a collaborative home buying experience. HomeScout has helped thousands of agents build pipelines of consistent purchase business, while providing consumers 100% MLS listing data to keep them off public search sites where they will be sold to the competition.

The HBM Dash, monitors buyer activities and provides critical business intelligence through online buyer activity reporting, automated alerts and one-touch communications to connect with buyers and close more deals. Building trust with home buyers by providing the right information at the right time, without the pressures they would experience from strangers who bought their information online.

Understanding the buyer’s timeline in the home buying process is critical. Most agents lose sight of opportunities that exist while the buyer is in the research and educational phase of the process. Nexgen HBM’s business model and platforms position agents to be the go-to resource for would be home buyers long before they make a purchase decision.


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Open House and Just Listed™ Flyer


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